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Who are Jilly & Kiddles?

Jill smiles excitedly at the camera, outstretching her hands toward the viewer, as if to show them the yarn on the table before her.  The table is covered by a dark blue tablecloth and is covered in balls of yarn, ready to be knitted or crocheted.  The yarns are Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue.  Jill wears jeans and a dark top, with a hand knitted sweater on top.  The sweater is blue with orange and pink color work on the yoke.

Photo Credit:  Sandra Armenteros

Hello!  I’m Jill Leary and I am the Owner and Indie Dyer behind Jilly & Kiddles Yarn.  I live in beautiful Rhode Island with my husband Brian (the Bri) and our four children (the Kiddles).  We are a small business with one employee (me!) and several sets of helping hands.  We all pitch in and do our part, whether it is helping with dinner so I can rinse dyed yarn, running the vacuum, or swinging by the post office.  Our family is all in this together, so we are grateful to you for checking out our shop and purchasing from Jilly & Kiddles.  It really does mean the world to us!

My passion is creating, whether it be with needles, a hook, a spinning wheel, loom, or dyes.  Creative expression brings me to life, and I believe it brings joy to the world as well.  The best part of my job is that I can make something beautiful and then watch others take that piece of art and make their own creation with it!  Watching others turn my yarn into something entirely their own brings me so much happiness, so please continue to share pictures of what you’ve made and tag me.  I do a little happy dance pretty much every time.

I also want to welcome EVERYONE to my space:
All Races and Ethnicities
All Religions and Belief Systems
All Countries of Origin
All Identities and Orientations
All Genders
All Political Views

Please be respectful of my space and everyone else.  I will not tolerate disrespectful or hateful behavior.
Being able to do something I love and contribute to my family at the same time is such a privilege and I'm filled with gratitude every day.  Many thanks to my family, friends, and customers for supporting this business.

You're the best!


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