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About Me

Jill Leary founder of Jilly & Kiddles yarn company


Hello!  I am Jill Leary, founder of and maker behind Jilly & Kiddles yarn company.  I live in Rhode Island with my husband Brian and our four children.  We are a small business with one employee (me!) and several sets of helping hands.  We all pitch in and do our part, whether it is helping with dinner so I can rinse dyed yarn, running the vacuum, or swinging by the post office.  Our family is all in this together, so we are grateful to you for checking out our shop and purchasing from Jilly & Kiddles.  It really does mean the world to us!


I have been crafting all of my life, and I never get tired of learning a new skill or tackling a new challenge.  As a matter of fact, I tend to figure something out and move on after a while.  The one exception to that for me has been knitting.  I learned to knit in 2005, while expecting our third baby, and I've been a "serious" knitter ever since. You know the type... She's knitting in a waiting room.  He's getting in some rows just about every day.  And they have yarn and needles in every tote bag they own!  That's me.  I guess you can say I'm pretty passionate about my knitting.


I first became interested in dyeing yarn at a Knitting retreat in Washington state maybe a decade ago.  Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts taught us how to handpaint yarn and fiber.  I remember loving every second of it, but thinking I could never do that at home without help.  Plus, what a mess!  Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I came across a YouTube tutorial for dyeing yarn at home.  Whoa!  Now this got my attention.  I decided to give it a shot and that was it.  Creating colors with fiber and professional acid dyes was right up my alley.  I quickly became obsessed.  Two years went by quickly, as I researched and learned and practiced.  Until I thought, you know, I could do something with this.  My yarn was so well received by knitting friends; people really liked what I was creating!  So here I am, starting up my own yarn company.  I still can almost not believe it myself!  Being able to do something I love and contribute to my family at the same time is such a privilege and I'm filled with gratitude every day.  Many thanks to my family, friends, and customers for supporting this business.

You're the best!


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