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Collection: DAISY

These are one-off colorways.

A Daisy colorway is a variation of a colorway.  It is not a true original colorway, but similar and based off of the original listed, or it might be a product that turned out different enough from the original that I cannot list it as such.  This could be due to a slight breaking of colors, a speck of dye that was accidentally splashed into a pot, or something as simple as the temperature of the dyepot being a little off.  All of these factors can change the process.  Sometimes Daisies result from my playing around with a colorway to try something new.  These yarns are perfectly fine and still quite beautiful.  I list them as a Daisy only because I want to be sure that my original colorways are consistent, and that my customers get what they are expecting.  If you are looking for a particular colorway, please do not buy a Daisy version--purchase the original instead.  Daisies are a way for me to pass along beautiful yarn to you!  Always feel welcome to reach out with any questions or for more information about this.  

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