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(Yarn)Bombs Away!

Well, the word around here is college.  Yup, my first child is about to fly the coup.  You know, in about 9 months or so...

Last week my daughter, my husband, and I went on a little trip to check out a couple of schools.  We zipped off to NYC for some fun and to see two of the schools on Irene's list.

NYC bound--driving in for the college tour!

It was a long trip, but worth it.  We are pretty lucky that we can drive to NYC from Rhode Island easily.  We stayed in Harlem, because I wanted to take a closer look at the area and we hadn't stayed there before.  Plus, when your little girl is considering a school in Harlem, you think, "Maybe I should see more"!

We took a walk in Central Park...

Irene and I in Central Park just before all the lights went on

We had an amazing dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the Flat Iron District called Serra.  If you haven't been there, GO!  You will love it.  It's a greenhouse on the top floor, and the ambiance is to die for.  There are all these branches on the ceiling and there are paper leaves and blossoms dangling down from them.  Plus, the food is outta this world.  I loved every single thing I tried.  Seriously.

branches and blossoms on the ceiling of Serra Alpine Restaurant.  Just gorgeous.

The next day, on our way to breakfast, I spotted a yarn bombing!

Yarn bombing in Harlem.  Trees on the side of Fredrick Douglas BLVD

It was so amazing!!  So I pointed it out to Brian and Irene.  They were, um, confused.  I guess not everyone knows what a yarn bombing is?  I explained that it's when you knit or crochet stuff and leave it somewhere it doesn't belong, like wrapped around a pole or tree trunk or sign.  They asked how it got there.  I explained that someone must have made it and then sewn it in place.  Look, you guys!

Close up of yarn bombing on trees in Harlem near our hotel

Isn't it awesome and beautiful?!  I was basically freaking out on the sidewalk.  So I explained everything to my two muggles and they just kept asking, "Why?"

I guess you just have to be a knitter to get it...?  Anyway, these were on a street in Harlem, just down from our hotel.  I think they were on Fredrick Douglas Blvd, or just off of it.  Anyone know who did it?  I'd love to know.  These certainly made my day!

Inside the library at Columbia University

And here we are at the school in Harlem...and guess what?  It was wonderful!  It seemed safe, quiet, and had all the college campus feels.  Really, it was beautiful and lovely, and definitely an option for us.  I'm so glad we checked it out in person.  All of my "mom" worries are relaxed, so it was worth the trip.  We just loved the campus.

In front of the Low Library at columbia U

Plus, it was crazy weather!  It was sunny, then it rained a bit, then snowed, then back to sun.  Strange, but beautiful.  And cold, so very cold.

Columbia University quad area

We did tour another school as well, but I'm not sure it's for us, so I won't really go into it.  I can't believe this is coming up so quickly!  Also, I think Morningside Heights may be my favorite place right now.  Anybody want to move to New York with me?

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