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So...does this happen to anybody else?

Guys, I'm having this problem.  Now it's not a world-ending problem or anything, but it's getting a little strange.  Here's the deal: I go into my closet (which has a light) and choose shoes for the day.  But I keep coming out with mismatched pairs. Seriously.  Now I understand sometimes I might not really look, or I'll be talking to someone or whatever--distracted--and I grab the wrong shoe by mistake.  That happens to everyone.  We've all done it.  No biggie.  It's like when you go in the cabinet to get a glass for water and realized you've put away the dishes but forgotten the water.  Not unusual...just being distracted or unfocused, I guess.


So what's happening to me is different.  I may actually be losing it.  I go into the closet and look at my shoes, deciding which to wear for the day.  I'm a shoes in the house sort of person when I'm dyeing yarn, because it can be wet and I worry I might slip.  Most of my shoes are in a hanging rack, organized and tidy.  Some of them, however, are on the floor.  You know how it is...the rack isn't big enough for all of them, I forget (or am too lazy) to put them away, etc.  I'll admit that there is a stack of shoes, mostly sneakers, that sort of lives on the floor.  On good days, they're matched in pairs and lined up in a tidy row, but on other days (What? Ok, on MOST days...) they're in more of a pile.  Perhaps that's the origin of the problem.


two mismatched shoes  Jilly hyjinx


This is where my situation comes in.  Like a normal person, most of the time I go in, look the pile, decide on say, my chucks, and pull the two shoes out of the pile.  Lately, though, I've been dealing with this scenario:

I look and decide.  I pull out one of my chucks (or whatever shoe--it happens with all of them--and shuffle the pile a bit, looking for the matching shoe.  I see it, take it, and walk out.  I usually go out and sit on the steps to put my shoes on.  When I sit and put the shoes down in front of me, I realized I don't have a matching pair.  One is a navy Converse; one is a navy Nike.  I mean, it's no biggie, right?  Except that it KEEPS happening.  Really.  I can't even tell you how often it's happened.  I've lost count.


In the last 7 days, it's happened twice.  And to add insult to injury, then I have to pick them up, walk back to my room, and go back in the closet and remedy the situation.  I should really start putting them on in the closet to save myself some time.  Once a couple of weeks ago, I went back, grabbed the right shoe and returned to my shoe-putting-on spot.  I had done it again!  I put the wrong shoe on the pile, looked for the right one and picked the same wrong one up again!


What is wrong with me?  Really, guys, does this happen to anyone else?  I am not sure if I'm losing a few steps, really can't pay attention, or what.  At first I laughed, but it's starting to kinda freak me out.  It's still funny, but it's definitely weird.  If you've got some insight or a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.


...As long as it doesn't involve me keeping my shoes better organized.  

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  • TUERK MARY on February 19, 2020

    Worse even was when I would wear them to work that way. Identical shoes except one black and one navy.pump. One beige espadrille and one white. Finally i stopped buying comfortable shoes in multiple colors because my husband got sick of bringing me one shoe to work. I think you are ok…… ;)

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