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Random Thoughts...

I can't say I have any sort of cohesive message for you today.  Things have been a bit all over the place around here...


So in the spirit of chaos that is my life right now, here are some random thoughts.

ties from the skeins of Jilly & Kiddles yarn I'm using for the Once Again sweater


1.  Starting a new project feels amazing, doesn't it?  I just cast on for the Once Again sweater and I am having so much fun knitting it.  Why is a new project so much fun?!  For me, it might be getting to see these colorways knit up for the first time, or learning something a bit new.  I've done colorwork before, but colorwork with cables is new.  So is purling with stranded knitting, and two color cables.  This knit is stretching my skill level and it feels really good.  Plus, the results are mucho satisfying.

"Grellow" color scheme for the yoke of my Once Again sweater

(Main color is Cyborg, colorwork is Hey, Ray of Sunshine, Hatched, and Warm Mist)


2.  Seeing your own ad on Ravelry for the first time is surprising and wild!  I was adding my new project to Rav and I saw a Jilly & Kiddles ad for the first time.  Dudes, it was amazing.

My ad on Ravelry!!  Notebook ad for Jilly & Kiddles yarn!


3.  When you ask your daughter to help you take pictures of a finished object (you might recognize this one from the newsletter) and hand her your phone...

Finished Featherweight cardigan


You find these when you try to upload pics of the sweater...





Listen, people, if you're going to take a bunch of secret selfies while I grab the sweater, you're gonna get them posted on the blog.


(That oughta teach 'em.)


Ha ha--all in good fun!  Those gave me a really good laugh when I found them.  There are so many more, but you get the idea.  Crazy Kids.


That's it for today!  Just a little glimpse into our lives this week.  Back to the dyepots...

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