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Join the Deck Your Halls Stocking Knit-a-Long!

Jilly & Kiddles is hosting a KAL and we hope you'll join us!

The minute I saw the Deck Your Halls pattern, I knew I was going to knit it. The idea came to me this week that maybe I'm not the only one. I'm going to be making this Christmas Stocking Kit in November and I invite you to knit it with me! We'll cast on November 1st and try to finish by the end of the month, in plenty of time for the holidays. Read on for more details about the KAL and how to sign up for it. (And don't worry, if you've signed up and something comes up, you can always back pressure. We know sometimes things can come up.)

Would you like to join us for some KAL fun? Grab your KIT now! I'm offering a $6 discount until Midnight ET Sun, Oct 18th with the promo code StockingKAL

On November 1st, I'll be casting on the Deck Your Halls stocking and I so hope you'll join me. The goal is to finish by Nov. 30th, but it's not a requirement. (I feel like finishing by Dec 24th is a win, don't you?) I just want to enjoy some company while I knit this beautiful pattern--no pressure, just fun. And guess who's joining us? Stacey Lewis, the designer, will also be participating with us! I'm sure she'll be happy to answer any questions about the pattern or offer help if needed, so that's a huge perk. I love having an expert around. She'll be making the Blitzen kit.

I love the beautiful and classic colorwork on these stockings.  I get a chance to show off my knitting skills, while still having a timeless piece that can be hung for years and years.

There will be weekly prizes, chatter, email updates, and lots and lots of supportive fun! I'll be giving more details on prizes as we go, but I can say that you don't have to finish by 11/30 to win a prize. However, you will have to finish and share a photo of the finished object in order to win the Grand prize. We will be sharing photos on Instagram using the hashtag #HolidayStockingKAL so please be sure to tag your posts with it so we can all follow along, ok? The other requirements to participate are signing up via email and using Jilly & Kiddles yarn for the project. Signing up is easy! You can use the contact form on the website HERE and let me know you'd like to join the KAL. The only thing left is to make the Deck Your Halls pattern using the Kits I'm offering on the website, OR using Jilly & Kiddles yarn you already have in your stash or have purchased for the project. My kits include the pattern, so if you're not using yarn from a kit, you'll need to buy the pattern separately on Ravelry. Here are the color combos I'm offering as kits:

So which kit do you think you're going to make? I'm using Dancer (below), and I can't wait. Oh, and did I mention that if you order your kit by Oct. 18th, you can use the code StockingKAL for $6 off the kit? That's like getting the mini skein free! The code is good on any number of kits, so you can get one for every member of the family and save on each one.


This is the first time I'm hosting a Knit-a-long on my own, and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. If I miss anything or you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out on IG or by email and let's chat about it. I promise to do my best to organize and run a smooth and festive KAL. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but I know it'll be fun!

I announced the KAL last week in my email newsletter and we already have a bunch of signups.  Thank you to everyone who's already signed up and purchased a kit.  I can't wait to get started on this with you!  Please feel free to spread the word--the more the merrier!

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