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Every Little (mini) Bit Counts

Many of you know that I love to play around with color and test out ideas on mini skeins that are non-repeatable.  That means what you see is what you get.  I can't make these babies again, so if you love them, grab them while you can!  Sometimes this gets me into trouble.  I often have designers fall in love with a colorway on a mini skein that I can't possibly recreate for their design.  So why do I make them, you ask?  Two reasons:  Fun and Sustainability

Hunka-Hunka on Quad Mini


It's a lot of fun to just "throw color around" and see what happens!  I enjoy playing with the last bits of dye stock and trying out new combinations, or experimenting with a different technique, without the worry of taking notes and measuring exact amounts.  It's freeing. Sometimes, it's when the magic happens.  I don't have recipes to recreate the exact colors, but I have information and data that I can use going forward.

Rinsing utensils and containers as I'm making dye stock.  The rinse water will be the start of another batch of minis.


I also use mini skeins as a way to reduce waste and protect our environment.  My process involves dye stocks (liquid mix of dye powder and water, as opposed to dry dye powder) which have to be made ahead of time.  When I empty a container of dye stock, I need it to be clean before making more, to make sure all my materials are fresh.  I can't have new dye stock mixing with little bits or drops of old dye stock, right? Yuck.  This ensures the best results when I dye yarn. 

Grasshopper Shindig on Quad Mini


What I don't want to do is rinse these containers and dump the extra dye down the drain or into the trash...not good for our Earth, is it?  So I use this excess to create one of a kind (OOAK) mini skeins.  This prevents the dye from going into the landfill or water supply, and allows me the freedom to play with colors that I don't have to worry about repeating.  I use up the rinse water first, and then add more of this and that until I have something I just love.  So the excess rinsed dye is absorbed by the yarn and I have another beautiful product to offer you.  It's a win-win!  I use every bit of dye sustainably and responsibly, and you guys can grab these precious limited pieces of art for yourself!  You get cool minis and help protect our planet at the same time.

Look at all the beautiful mini colorways that can be made this way!

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